Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first two awards!

This award means when life gives you lemons you make lemonade.It is given to someone who has shown a good attitude and has a good outlook on life. My friend Kathy felt I was worthy of this sweet award awhile ago and a thank you to her is long overdue- so thanks Kathy(((hugs))).She gave it to me when this blog was nothing more than a title(not that it contains much more than that now) ha ha I was so touched that she would think of me.I have had my share of lessons to learn in life but I sure don't have to look very far to see that others have had to go through some much more difficult issues than myself.I think surrounding myself with positive people(in real life and on the Internet) as much as I can has helped me to react more optimistically to what life has thrown my way.I am very new to the blog land and yet I have already met some amazing people who are very worthy of this award.I am supposed to pass this on but I think everyone I know has this award already! lol,told you I hang around great people! I would like to just let anyone feel free to take it and pass it on to anyone they feel deserves it and who was previously missed when it was going around.

My dear friend Melissa at gave me this award just the other day.It is the NOBEL PRIS award which was given to her from her friend Wibech from Norway,her blog is called "beautiful Days".This is an award for being a wonderful Mom. In translation it means "you do fantastic work,be proud of your accomplishments!"
I am very honored that you thought of me Melissa,thank you.I think that without a doubt,my biggest accomplishment has been,along with their great father,raising our two sons.They have both brought me so much joy and pride.Gosh,I can't help but thinking this gives me an opportunity to brag about them a little. Here they are together.

The one with the hat is our oldest and he has decided to follow in his father's footsteps and has chosen the construction trade as his career path.He has worked so hard learning every aspect of the trade since graduating from high school only six years ago.I am very proud to say that he is already a superintendent for a large construction company,a great accomplishment at such a young age,he's amazing.Besides doing very well in his chosen career he also has become a father and a husband all within this last year.So yaaa! I'm a grandma!!Here is his little girl bathing in my sink. aw www
This little one's mom had a daughter before she met my son and so I became an "instant" grandma.Until you've had this experience it is really hard to explain the joy these little ones bring to one's life.
Now, I can't stop without telling you about our youngest son because he has also made many remarkable achievements of his own.He decided a long time ago that he was going to university and so he has.He also knew that school would cost quite a bit of money and so he had a plan.He set his mind to getting a scholarship and he did it.He worked hard at his studies and at his chosen sport,football, to reach his goal.He was the MVP on his high school team and also received the all star receiver award in his division.He made the university team and along with that came a full scholarship.He is now in his 5Th year and will be done in 2010 with 2 degrees,business admin.majoring in marketing and also a psychology degree.He's not sure if he will be playing football next year,he's had many injuries unfortunately, but his drive and determination has been an inspiration to me.Here he is on 2 of the teams he's played for.(I bet your glad I didn't have more kids)lol

Now as I've mentioned I'm a new kid on this block and I don't know many bloggers yet. I do know many moms who deserve this award though.First to the ladies without blogs who are so deserving of it.

My mom,I am so lucky you stuck with me while I was a rotten teenager,you never gave up on me -THANK YOU!

My mother-in-law,you did such a good job with your son -THANK YOU!
My daughter-in-law,you have the patience I wish I would have had,you are doing a great job THANK YOU

To my friends - Kathy Sue,Pat and Carol - you all are VERY deserving of this one

Yes,I do know some with blogs and because I'm so slow some of you may have received already but better late than never
Marty,go see her brand new blog everyone!
You ladies stand out in my mind as moms who have done a great job and should proudly take this award,well done girls!

Monday, January 12, 2009

my first post,let's talk about the weather

same viewpoint,in winter and summer below

A great way to cover a tree stump.

Doesn't the fountain look like a Christmas tree?

Hi everyone,well, here I go.I don't know what I'm doing,as you will soon see, but I'm diving in anyway.I came up with a title 2 months ago and that was as far as I got.I didn't know where to start and still don't really.I want to share my world with you,inside and outside our home.I have shared my cold winter blues woes with many of you at Micasastyle so today I thought I would just start there,with the weather.We are a tough bunch here in Saskatchewan,we often have brutally cold winters and this has been a pretty bad one.We always get snow but lately we have got way more than average years.Today I had to shovel paths in our yard so our dogs could walk out there and they are large dogs.When I opened the door to let them out,we couldn't even see the steps,snow is everywhere and lots of it.I watched them bravely go down where the steps used to be and then it looked like they were wading in water it was so deep.It's really amazing to see so much of it but it is hard work moving it around.I really am tired of it and I miss the warmth of summer and the beauty of the flowers we grow so I thought I would share some pictures with you of both.The season I'm tired of and the one I'm waiting for.These pictures are from our home and also from my mom's.What's your winter been like and do you have any snow?