Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am back after a 2 year break lol

Just seeing if I even remember how to make a post anymore. I have developed a passion for baking cakes and cupcakes over the last year and a half.I love designing them,baking them and sharing them with my friends and family.

The last 2 years were filled with good stuff and bad but alot of stress and just didn't feel like blogging.I am happy to say I have made some great changes and I am so much happier now.

This cake was inspired by the vintage earrings I bought my dear friend for her birthday.
I have been friends with these 2 for 28 years but haven't been able to get together in person with all 3 of us for almost 20 years,so what a special day this was.
Those are the earrings I gave her,I love jewellry on cake.It was cleaned and I never attach them to a part of the cake that someone will be eating.
I made the bow out of gumpaste and fondant and let it dry for a day or so propped up on a pan covered in saran wrap and stuck parchment paper in bow loops so it could hold it's shape until it dried.I draped the rest of the ribbons over the pans I planned on using for the cake so they dried in the shape I wanted.

The little ribbon roses are spread here and there all around the cake.I attached all the fondant on to the fondant wrapped cake with water,works great.

There was 1 more photo but I can't see where it went.My plan was to start a new blog for my cake passion but just thought I would test the waters with the old blog here...I mean this is my life on the prairies still,it is just different now.