Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter tablescape

I feel like I need to start every post on this blog with an apology for being absent so much of the time.I want to say how much I appreciate and enjoy your comments because I really do.My intentions are always good but sometimes life is just so busy that I can't fit everything I want to do into the day.I guess it gets like that for everyone from time to time and I'm sure you understand what I mean.
I wanted to share my Easter with you,I know I'm a little late but to be honest,I was just happy I got it done in time even if I was too slow to show you before the holiday.It's the first time that I did so much in advance and it was sure worth it,I was very happy with the result. When I first started looking at your tablescapes I thought,well how do they do that? I'm not sure how you do it but the only way I could manage was to start days in advance.

I am in awe of you tablescapers who do this every week,I don't think I will ever be in that group.It was alot of work and I think that I will always be in the "only for a holiday" category.I have sure learnt alot from all of you though and I thank you for that as well.

Thanks to santamaker I learnt how to grow the wheat for the table.I was a little slow but luckily it grew just in time,it was only one week old when I took these pictures. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it but in the end I was very happy with the containers I chose,worked out great.

I did take alot of pictures,I'm always so impressed when I have the time to look at the tablescapes that so many of you do every week.Besides beautiful tables,many of you seem like professional photographers too.I like to blame my camera but I'm sure my photography skills(or lack of) are part of the problem.

I loved the pier one bunnies and I had to get some.I had fun moving them around from place to place before Easter.I admit it was the first time I've went to that store,the bunnies were about the only thing I could afford in there but it is a nice store for those who can afford it.I did get a few other things from a clearance table.

That is Shady's ear in the picture,the peninsula is his table.

I got those pink balls from wal mart,I thought they looked "springy".

It's been almost a year since our renovations and it's starting to feel like my place now.I'm glad I kept the main colors neutral because I am enjoying being able to change my accessory colors when I feel the need for change.I love pink and happy I can still use it. I don't know if you can see the eggs very good in this picture but I had a little fun decorating them.I used the plastic eggs that you can open up and fill.I used a craft spray glue on them and then used white glitter on them.They looked like they were sugar coated,cute,easy and cheap!

I found these purple bunnies at the thrift store for only 50 cents each,I thought the children would like them.The extra plastic eggs were thrown into that pink opaque vase.That one vase the bunny is sitting on always reminded me of an Easter egg when it was upside down.

Yes,there are spots on the wine glasses.Wouldn't you know it that someone would have to open the dishwasher before the drying cycle was done.I had to wash them again....big sigh,as if there wasn't enough to do.

This was the first holiday dinner with my new table I got from Ashely's just after Christmas this year.I didn't want to cover the beautiful dark wood with a tablecloth so I decided to just buy 2 runners.This was just with one leaf in the table,still have another one if we need it.The room is not that big,so I'm not sure if we will ever use it.It is really long with the leaf in but because of the centrepiece it was not even noticeable that I had to use two runners.

I cut little pieces of the extra ribbon and tossed them amongst the Easter eggs.I used green glass dessert bowls for the small containers of wheat.Another thrift store find for a buck or two.

I loved the idea of using the colored eggs around my silver tray that I bought for only a dollar and between the containers of wheat down the table.

I realized I only had 4 silver charger plates so I spray painted 4 red ones. I have noticed how some of you have used ribbons since they are so cheap from the dollar store,I decided to add them too for that little extra. I only own white plates and I love how they go with any accessory color I choose.I really don't have room to have more than that anyway. I guess next year I better spray another charger plate because this little bunny will want to be sitting at the big table I bet.
I can't remember what I found first,the runner or this little dress but they matched perfectly.Isn't she adorable??? She just loves walking around this table eating these little puff things she can't seem to get enough of.

This looked pretty good but then Hannah came and colored some eggs.
I decided to add them to the centrepiece too.I thought it looked even better and it made it special because she made them.


I'm sure next year Hannah will have an extra helper hunting for eggs instead of just being a curious observer.

Well,it's all over now but I'm not parting with my wheat until it all flops down.It's been such a long winter.The bright green is a welcome change to my eyes.


marty39 said...

Cyndi, I just love your table and the girls are so precious I just couldn't quit starring. I know you had so much fun. Your table was just gorgeous with the purple runner and the wheat. I like the way you had several bowls down the center with a larger one in the center. The eggs around the tray and on the table with the ribbons was so pretty. You just did such a great job. I think you have this all figured out. I'd just love to give those two little sweet girls a big hug, I know you got a lot of love from them. So glad you had a blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

Happy To Be said...

Oh Cyndi...Girl I was ready to put your face on milk cartons if I didn't see you soon..and I know what you mean its sometimes gets hard to keep up with life, your home and blogging...Have missed you girl...Now I love your table and the wheat how cool is that?? and girl I got 2 camera and still can't do the shots like some of these gals do...Give those sweet girls a hug from me...great post girl..Hugs and smiles Dear friend...Gl♥ria

prof en retraite said...

Hi Cyndi! What a great job you did on your tablescape! Very pretty! Your wheat grass was a success! And I love the colors you chose! Very smart to spray paint the chargers! But the best thing was seeing the little girls enjoying the holiday and all of the festivities!! It looks like you had a wonderufl Easter!! I hope you are having a great week, too!!...hugs...Debbie

Carmen C. said...

Hi Cyndi~ wow, your Easter decor was awesome!! I'll have to try those glittered eggs next year. Your grandbabies are SO PRECIOUS! Sounds like you had a lovely Easter:)

Kathysue said...

Cyndi, what a great post and the table looks wonderful here on your blog. I just want to pick that baby up with her little bunny ears, too precious for words. And Hannah, the big sister decorating eggs for grandmas table I bet she was so pleased when you put them on the table. Great post thank you for sharing,hugs Kathysue

mbkatc230 said...

Cyndi, I'm so glad you posted this tablescape. It really is beautiful, I just love the rich purple with the bright spring green of the wheat grass. And those baby girls are just too cute! It looks like they had such a good time. Hugs, Kat

santamaker said...

Cyndi, wow, I'm so glad I inspired the grass tablescape! It turned out beautifully! i just love what you did with it. You must have had some good potting soil for the grass to have been that tall and thick in just one week! It looks like your family had a great time too!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Your table is just stunning and your little human bunny precious! Fabulous job and that wheat grass is fun growing isn't it? I let my outdoor barn cats nibble on mine when it got too long and I was done babysitting and giving it haircuts!
I really like the purple runner! Luanne

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your wheat grass turned out great! You must have planted it the day Santamaker posted it, because it sure did grow. Your tablescape is lovely, and those children are precious. laurie

xinex said...

Lovely tablescape, Cyndi! I love the grass centerpiece and the deep purple runner. Your grandkids are so adorable!...Christine

Thomas said...

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I just wanted to say you look like you have a wonderful family and certainly a right to be proud.
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Always love your heritage, once it is gone it is gone for ever. . . Thomas Robb,

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AMIT said...

Lovely post with lovely pictures.

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